Can You Use More Than One Amazon Gift Card at a Time?

Because Amazon offers practically everything, it’s a popular destination for receiving gift cards.

However, you could find yourself with insufficient funds to purchase everything you like, leaving you to wonder, “Can you use more than one Amazon gift card at a time?”

Amazon delivers items on time and with exceptional quality thanks to a suitable regulatory structure and powerful technology on the back end. According to statistics, a very small percentage of people have concerns or unusual problems with Amazon and its delivery. To re-establish trust and prove that Amazon listens to and empathizes with its customers, it gives gift vouchers for any issue caused by Amazon.

This article covers “Can you use more than one Amazon gift card at a time” and everything about Amazon gift cards.

Can I Combine Gift Cards on Amazon?

Payment may be divided between a recognized debit or credit card and a gift card from Amazon, but not between multiple cards.

Corporate clients with a gift card purchase agreement with may utilize the email delivery service to combine many gift cards simultaneously.

When you check out on a business’s website, you usually have the option of applying a store gift card to your order and paying the remaining amount with a credit or debit card. Some store websites allow you to use multiple gift cards for a single purchase. This is known as “partial payment” (paying part of the bill with one method of payment and the remainder with another) or “split-tender transaction.” As long as the splits involve store gift cards, most store internet shopping carts can accept split-tender transactions. You may usually use more than a tiny balance shop gift card simultaneously.

However, when purchasing with a Visa gift card, there is usually no place for both a bank card and a Visa gift card.

Need help checking you Amazon Gift Card balance?

How To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

How Many Gift Cards Can You Use on Amazon at Once?

Fortunately, you can use many Amazon gift cards to make a single transaction.

On its website, Amazon does not accept gift cards from other retailers. General-purpose gift cards are the only other gift cards that may be used (such as Mastercard or prepaid Visa cards).

However, you can use numerous shop gift cards in a single transaction, but you can only use one bank card (debit, credit, or gift) since there is only one bank card field. As a result, the combination of shop gift cards and the bank card must pay the whole transaction, or you will refuse the entire purchase.

How to Combine Gift Cards?

Combining gift cards may not seem tricky. To help you combine gift cards easily, we’ve compiled these helpful ten steps:

  1. Collect all of your old gift cards that still have small balances. There is no such thing as a small sum. Collect them all!
  2. Check the balance of each gift card that you own. To finish the procedure, you must know the exact amount.
  3. Sign in to your account and go to’s gift cards page. Choose Amazon’s ‘Reload Balance Page.’
  4. Take one gift card and enter the EXACT amount it contains. The good news is that there is no set minimum. You can use up every last cent on your Visa gift cards. Then click ‘Buy Now.’
  5. Select ‘Add Card.’ Afterward, enter all of the necessary information, such as the card number, card name, and expiration date. Always check everything you write twice. Then select ‘Add your card.’
  6. Add your address, and afterward, click the ‘Use this Address’ option.
  7. Select ‘Add Card’
  8. Ensure that you get the following message: ‘Thank you, your reload order has been placed.’
  9. Repeat the preceding procedures for each gift card you have gathered with small balances.
  10. To avoid further problems, you should clean up and delete all of your gift cards after adding them.

There is only space for one bank card or credit card field. Therefore, even if you use many gift cards, it can accept only one bank card or credit card for a single transaction.

Furthermore, make sure that both the bank card and the Amazon gift card will cover the total amount you need if you want to use both of them. If you do not follow these instructions, it will decline your order.

We are unable to use more than one of the cards that Amazon accepts (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), despite the fact that almost all traditional stores accept a variety of credit cards these days. Having said that, can you use more than one Amazon gift card at a time

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