30 Best Gift Ideas for Custodian to Show Your Appreciation

They are at work while we are sleeping. We pass through the halls from time to time without necessarily “seeing” them or their job as significant. And this is why we honor National Custodian Day each year on October 2nd. It celebrates the effort required to keep our public buildings in good working order, as well as the employees working tirelessly, sometimes for minimal pay, to ensure that our schools and workplaces are clean and hygienic. Custodians are our first defense in the fight against pathogens, and it’s usually a thankless job. 

How can you express gratitude to a custodian

When you owe somebody gratitude and appreciation, the most excellent way to show it is to purchase something they will use and remember you for. You might use this list of gift ideas for custodians as a guide. Custodians work hard to keep your premises clean, orderly, and safe. Their job has several obligations, and they deserve to be recognized.

Gift Ideas for Custodians

Many custodians constantly work behind the scenes to ensure their success in maintaining the environment in which they work healthy and safe. And a small gesture, such as the excellent presents for custodians, would be pretty lovely and indicate that you appreciate their hard work. For custodians, we’ve compiled a list of the finest 30 gifts ideas.

  1. Coffee mug

Coffee mug gift ideas for custodians

Getting up early necessitates coffee, which will motivate the caretaker to engage in early physical exercise. This cup you’ll give them will be among the first items they see when they wake up.

  1. Shoes

Shoes gift ideas for custodians

A custodian’s job includes traveling and standing for most of the day, which has physical consequences. It tends to cause foot discomfort. A pair of shoes can handle that issue, and you can give them as gifts to custodians who work hard and deserve them.

  1. Bake a cake

Cake gift ideas for custodians

The cake is also one of the best gift ideas for custodians. A cake can also show that you genuinely appreciate them, like their sweet smile.

  1. T-shirt

T-shirt gift ideas for custodians

Custodians are role models in their communities, and you may show your gratitude to them by giving them a t-shirt. Since it is comfortable, casual, and loose-fitting, a lightweight t-shirt will immediately become one of their favorites.

  1. Leather toolbelt

Leather belt gift ideas for custodians

With a monogrammed leather toolbelt, they can carry all of their cleaning supplies in style. Custodians require a great present to indicate how much you appreciate their job or commemorate a special occasion, and this present is perfect for that!

  1. Whiskey glass set

Glass set gift ideas for custodians

Do you have a close relationship with a custodian that you know works very hard every day and deserves a gift? If so, this set of whiskey glasses might be ideal for the occasion. 

  1. Send a customized thank you note

Handwritten letters have been used to communicate affection for generations. Thank you notes, letters, and cards are easy. They also allow you to reach out, connect, and thank someone for their daily efforts.

  1. Take them on a field trip

There’s no need for a yellow school bus to take your custodian on a surprise trip. You may go wherever you want, a park, a yoga retreat, a farm as long as everyone is present.  

  1. Create a thoughtful video

Only a few tangible objects can match the expressive worth of genuine and heartfelt communication. They are touching videos that express your sincere gratitude to them. The best part is that custodians may watch it over and over again. The best gift Idea for a custodian indeed.

  1. Tumbler

Tumbler gift ideas for custodians

This gift promotes happiness as well as pleasant moments. This bottle makes it easy to remain hydrated or even transport a whole bottle of wine on a picnic.

  1. Umbrella

Umbrella gift ideas for custodians

An umbrella is a traditional present and the best gift idea for custodians that’s always excellent to have on hand on rainy days. This simple present will be helpful in various situations and may be used practically.

  1. Lunch bag

Lunch bag gift ideas for custodians

One of the best gift ideas for custodians is a lunch bag. A lunch bag makes it simple to carry prepared meals to work every day.

  1. Jacket

Jacket gift ideas for custodians

Because offices may get chilly, why not give the custodian a warm fleece jacket as a gift? Jackets are fantastic gifts for custodians to keep at the workplace.

  1. Picture frame

Picture frame gift ideas for custodians

A photo frame is a simple method to brighten up your custodian’s home while also adding a special connection to the otherwise bland workplace decor. This simple custodian gift is always helpful to have on hand and may be used for a wide range of purposes, both at work and home.

  1. Chocolate gift box

Chocolate gift box

Chocolates, like Christmas gifts, are a must-have for each custodian. Although giving chocolates is a typical Christmas tradition, it is still one of the most popular gifts. As a result, you can consider sending your custodians an exceptional chocolate gift box as part of your custodian’s present efforts.

  1. Smart watch

Smart watch

A custodian will appreciate a smartwatch as a present. This exquisite hybrid watch will give a touch of class to any outfit and may be worn every day. As custodians, time management is essential to them. Therefore, a watch is a perfect gift for them.

  1. Bottle of wine

Bottle of wine

If your budget allows for a more extravagant present for your custodian, a gorgeous bottle of wine is a wonderful alternative. Additionally, you may include it as a bonus item in your custodian’s gift basket.

  1. Wireless Bluetooth speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers

A custodian would love it since who doesn’t like music? You may buy great portable Bluetooth speakers or perhaps even smart ones, depending on your budget, and give them to your staff as a gift.

  1. Food coupons

Food coupons

Another great gift idea for custodians to celebrate Custodian Day despite the pandemic is to provide meal coupons that they can spend at any restaurant. This type of presentation is low-cost and allows you to personalize your personnel gifting plan.

  1. Essential oils

Essential oils

Nothing screams holiday like a gift of scent or essence. Also, what better way to relax than with aromatherapy while you’re all working hard to achieve your goals?

  1. Perfumes


Perfumes are the most popular gift ideas for custodians. We wear perfume almost every day unless we want to smell horrible; therefore, they fall into our go-to category.

  1. Wallets


A fitted wallet is a universal trait that unites us all. Giving a wallet is a fundamental and timeless gift.

  1. Headphones


If you offer them headphones as a gift, they will be eternally grateful. In addition, headphones are a must in the workplace. Nobody, including you, wants a custodian to put their group discussions on speaker.

  1. Gift baskets

Gift baskets

It’s a pretty amazing gift idea for custodians to simply put together a box full of small surprises. People usually smile when they get gift baskets loaded with tasty pleasure packages.

  1. Backpacks


Backpacks are also an excellent present to give to a custodian. This is a well-known travel accessory that we constantly take with us.

  1. Wiping cloth

Wiping cloth

There are indeed entertaining presents and gifts that are useful. A cleaning cloth is a present that comes under the latter group. After all, who doesn’t need cleaning cloth? Indeed, it merits special recognition for its new workstations.

  1. Sanitizer kit

Sanitizer kit

Who would have guessed that a sanitizer would be so necessary for our lives? COVID-19, on the other hand, has made life difficult for everyone who does not have one.

As a consequence, a sanitizing kit is an excellent present for everyone. So, stock up on hand sanitizers and complete the package with masks, gloves, and towels.

  1. Good Food gift cards

Good Food gift cards

What greater present is there than being able to offer custodians the greatest opportunity to eat at some of the world’s top restaurants. This is the present that will delight any mood!

  1. Starbucks gift cards

Starbucks gift cards

Who doesn’t want a coffee from Starbucks? This is one of the best presents that a custodian would love and enjoy.

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards

Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards

A visit to one of the world’s famous restaurants is something that a custodian would treasure and enjoy.

Now that you’ve made a long list of the best gift ideas for custodians, pick one and start wrapping your gifts. Choose your gifts wisely and put on the best gift exchange your coworkers have ever witnessed. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your teachers, click here!

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